Dylan Cameron - Infinite Floor

Dylan Cameron - Infinite Floor (HD034) cover.jpg
Dylan Cameron - Infinite Floor (HD034) cover.jpg

Dylan Cameron - Infinite Floor

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Released August 26, 2016

Limited Tape • Limited Vinyl

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Few modern producers manage to assemble a premiere at the caliber of Austin native Dylan Cameron's debut LP, Infinite Floor. Sophisticated and nuanced, Cameron’s debut album interweaves a spectrum of electronic subgenres, moving seamlessly from abstract drum and bass into screwed four on the floor and ambient 2 step rhythms. Sharply honed samples, intricately layered drum beats, and crafted analog synth tones are churned through a host of studio hardware, allowing sound design and composition to be Infinite Floor's focal point and unifying theme. The effortless procession of songs subversively cycles forward, unfolding a continuous and cohesive narrative that leaves the best moments often fleeting and ripe for repeat listens. Reacting to the hyper-sensory state of the current DJ culture in America, Cameron adapts the modern platform of dance music into a refined album format that warrants a broader scope of absorption and a completely immersive listening experience.

The son of two lifetime garage-psych and noise musicians, Dylan was heavily exposed to Austin's dense concentration of underground art and music from an early age. With a background in hip-hop production, heavy metal drumming, studio engineering and club DJ-ing, Dylan has always been profoundly dedicated to mastering his craft. This rich variety of experience has conditioned Cameron to possess a virtuoso level of technical proficiency, with a vast array of musical knowledge and influences. From the driving house beats on "In Pain" and "Difficult Floor" to the experimental allusions to IDM in songs like "Nebula" and the album's title track, Cameron executes each piece with the artistry and finesse of a seasoned veteran. Measured bits of live synth and guitar add an organic balance to contrast the processed vocal stabs and earth shaking sub-bass, while tape delay and samples of vinyl crackling reveal Cameron's ingrained penchant for dub and hip-hop. 

Working as the in-house producer and engineer for Holodeck Records on top of a host of freelance work, Dylan's contribution to Austin's electronic and experimental scene is far reaching and highly regarded. The anticipation for a Dylan Cameron full length has been burgeoning since the release of his double mixtape Samsara: Causes and Conditions and further heightened by his reputation for stunning live hardware sets. As one of the last records mastered by the illustrious Mark Richardson at Prairie Cat studios in Chicago, Infinite Floor has outstanding definition and high-end clarity but maintains a booming low end that lends itself to any sound system.  

The re-emergence of live electronic performances and underground dance culture in Austin makes Infinite Floor a timely addition to one of the music industry's pivotal epicenters. Stepping out beyond the booth and the control room, Dylan Cameron announces his arrival with style and authority, poised and worthy of a warm public embrace on the dance floor and in the personal collections of DJs and audiophiles.