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S U R V I V E – Hourglass (Official Video by Group Film One)

The introduction of S U R V I V E‘s work to the cinematic medium fits quite naturally given the band’s attention to theme and the profound level of detail poured over every stage of their composition and recording process. Group Film One (UK) discovered Hourglass in Adam Wingard’s movie, The Guest. Enamored with the track, the collective immediately went into production and immersed themselves in their shared feelings of intimacy, desperation, and confinement that the song had evoked. The result is a striking work that maintains a palpable tension throughout its duration, subtly revealing layer upon layer of its potently concise visual narrative, which, could not fit the band’s piece any better. FACT Mag took note when debuting the video, and calling it “extremely creepy and incredibly close.

On S U R V I V E’s debut their dedicated and comprehensive approach to sonic-arrangement is the result of the band’s uncompromising standards of quality spread across hundreds of hours in their own Omniverse Studios integrating a vast collection of both antique and modern synthesizers. Their highly anticipated debut keeps the middle path between reserved minimalism and gorgeously lucid melodic structures.

Grab S U R V I V E’s debut on LP / DL / or from our friends 540 Records.

Video by Group Film One
Dan Crozier & Jack Hutchins – Producer/Director
Lizzie Court – Cinematographer
Abbie Atkinson – Editor
Lou Sherwin – Colourist

VIDEO: SURVIVE – “Omniverse”

Omniverse, one of SURVIVE’s most infectious tracks off their recently reissued debut LP, was given a stunning video treatment by Dallas-based artist Sean Miller (who was also responsible for Symbol’s video for Syn Cron). Miller’s uncategorizable visuals compliment the band’s meticulous sound-architecture well, making for a most potent combination that made its premiere recently on The Fader.

Check out the video above / go here for further information on SURVIVE’s debut-reissue HD015LP-540-046-LLR010 / go here to procure a copy of the LP / and here see more of Sean Miller’s work.


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