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FREE DWNLD – Dylan C’s Samsara: Causes SCREWED (HD012A)

Dylan C Screwed

NOTE: This is the first half of Dylan C‘s epic double-album Samsara: Causes & Conditions (HD012A) run through a tape player at half speed. We’ve enjoyed the album like this at the HOLODECK HQ for a while and thought y’all might too…the album sounds particularly incredible at its intended speed also, which is probably why the tape is now sold out – you can still stream / grab Samsara: Causes & Conditions digitally at the HOLODECK bandcamp.

Stream, or, download this slow-tempo beast in full:

Two Mixtapes ft. tracks off our NEW TAPES – out MARCH 2013


In early 2013 we were kindly asked to put together several mixtapes (for 20 Jazz Funk Greats & Impose Magazine, respectively) that featured the HOLODECK catalog – since we have 6 new tapes dropping in March 2013, we thought we’d sneak in a track from each of the new releases on each mixtape…

Both mixes both start with a banger from Troller’s s/t LP (HD003LP/LLR007), and then run through our catalog-to-date, playing in reverse chronological order of release (i.e. the new stuff is first). Artist / song / release info can be found in the comments on the soundcloud stream.

(and, psssssstttttt you can download them both!)

Xander Harris’ Mundo Urbano Podcast #44 Featuring ATX and Holodeck Bands.

Xander Harris’ Mundo Urbano Podcast #44

1. Xander Harris – Kull Wahad
2. Silent Diane – Juliet the Painting
3. S U R V I V E – Omniverse
4. Boy Friend – D’Arrest
5. Troller – Winter
6. Lumens- When I knew You
7. Silent Land Time Machine – An Own to One’s Room
8. Automne Vein – Safe
9. //TENSE// – Sin Realite
10. Isobelle Fox – NowiswheN
11. Kiwi Sisters – Montauk Monsters
12. Single Lash – Wildlife
13. Butcher Bear – Goodbye Sunshine
14. Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Lost In Those Dunes

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