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HOLODECK is proud to announce the release of Derek Rogers‘s A Physical Ascension. The ceaselessly expanding mind of Texas native Derek Rogers strives to reconcile the limitations of traditional instrumentation by systematically extracting their elemental voices from their natural form on his latest cassette and HOLODECK debut, A Physical Ascension. Rogers’ prolific output coupled with his dynamic take on minimalism and ambience has lead to appearances on a host of celebrated underground labels and unanimous respect among experimental audiences and musicians alike. Utilizing modern technology to broaden the scope of his phonic craftsmanship, Rogers dismantles and reconstructs acoustic sound waves at their base level as a compositional motif, creating a boundless palate of complex textures and arrangement.

The album will drop on October 16th, one day before Cassette Store Day, and is part of a three-tape batch that will be released the same day. The last of the three albums will be announced shortly, so, stay tuned…

You can pre-order A Physical Ascension on tape at our STORE, and digitally on our bandcamp. Fine digital retailers will carry the album shortly. For more info click “more” below…

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Announcement • Skullcaster – Revaluation (HD024)

Cover Art - Skullcaster Revaluation_web_1

HOLODECK is proud to announce the release of Skullcaster‘s Revaluation. Experimental music listeners may be familiar with Chris Cones from his contributions to both How I Quit Crack and FUTURE BLONDES. However, Cones own solo effort Skullcaster is another beast all together – and we could not be more happy than to be putting his immaculate effort Revaluation out on cassette and digital. Noisey, who premiered the first excerpt today, said the album uses “throbbing synths, sitar samples, and more to come to a spaced out and blissful conclusion…it’s trippy, it’s smart, and it’s just plain dope.” – we happen to whole-heartedly agree.

The album will drop on October 16th, one day before Cassette Store Day, and is part of a three-tape batch that will be released the same day. The next two albums will be announced shortly, so, stay tuned…

You can pre-order Revaluation on tape at our STORE, and digitally on our bandcamp. Fine digital retailers will carry the album shortly. For more info click “more” below…

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Out Today – Flatliner’s debut EP Black Medicine

We here at HOLODECK are very proud to announce the release of Flatliner’s debut EP, Black Medicine! For those of you in Austin, TX (or who attended our official SXSW showcase), you know very well how on-point this duo of Austin-based electronic shredders are. Well…now you know the full intel and the rest of the world is no longer safe as of today – Black Medicine is shipping worldwide in 12″ vinyl EP (edt. of 500), cassette (edt. of 200), and digital formats.

Grab the vinyl or tape from our STORE and digital from our bandcamp, iTunes, or other fine digital retailers.


Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 12.26.14 PM

The long awaited debut from Texas-based electronic duo BOAN has arrived! For years, Medio Mutante’s cult following have waited patiently for the pair of José Cota (Ssleeperhold) and Mariana Saldaña (ex-//TENSE//) to craft another album together after MM’s dissipation – that time has finally come and the wait has been well worth it.

Order the LP / CS at our STORE – Digital at our bandcamp. Note: 200 of MENTIRAS‘ vinyl pressing are on clear vinyl, 800 black vinyl – please denote your preference with your order.

For more info on BOAN’s debut:

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Stream BOAN’s Debut LP MENTIRAS in-Full NOW

Hear the entirety of BOAN’s debut LP MENTIRAS above or on our soundcloud.

S U R V I V E – Hourglass (Official Video by Group Film One)

The introduction of S U R V I V E‘s work to the cinematic medium fits quite naturally given the band’s attention to theme and the profound level of detail poured over every stage of their composition and recording process. Group Film One (UK) discovered Hourglass in Adam Wingard’s movie, The Guest. Enamored with the track, the collective immediately went into production and immersed themselves in their shared feelings of intimacy, desperation, and confinement that the song had evoked. The result is a striking work that maintains a palpable tension throughout its duration, subtly revealing layer upon layer of its potently concise visual narrative, which, could not fit the band’s piece any better. FACT Mag took note when debuting the video, and calling it “extremely creepy and incredibly close.

On S U R V I V E’s debut their dedicated and comprehensive approach to sonic-arrangement is the result of the band’s uncompromising standards of quality spread across hundreds of hours in their own Omniverse Studios integrating a vast collection of both antique and modern synthesizers. Their highly anticipated debut keeps the middle path between reserved minimalism and gorgeously lucid melodic structures.

Grab S U R V I V E’s debut on LP / DL / or from our friends 540 Records.

Video by Group Film One
Dan Crozier & Jack Hutchins – Producer/Director
Lizzie Court – Cinematographer
Abbie Atkinson – Editor
Lou Sherwin – Colourist

OUT NOW – Marie Davidson’s “Un Autre Voyage”


We are proud to announce that Marie Davidson’s 2nd LP Un Autre Voyage is OUT NOW and shipping worldwide in LP, CS, and DL formats! Gathering praise from the likes of SPIN, FACT mag, and many more, Marie’s latest has been a long time coming and we are honored to have been entrusted with its release.

Order Marie Davidson’s Un Autre Voyage on LP or CS at our STORE – digital downloads can be had at our bandcamp, iTunes, or any other fine digital retailers.

From the prolific cultural epicenter of Montréal, Marie Davidson has emerged as one of the foremost electronic artists in contemporary underground pop today. As a long-time member of Les Momies de Palerme, Hotel Monochrome, DKMD, and Essaie Pas, Marie has continued to hone her many talents in Montréal’s fervent experimental communities for much of her adult life. In 2012 Marie began to unveil compositions under her own name, revealing a solo artist who possessed the confident vulnerability required to write, produce, and perform unaccompanied. Davidson’s intimate solo work is embodied through a host of synthesizers and drum machines that coalesce in synchronized harmony, punctuated by Marie’s hypnotic vocal delivery, sung and spoken in both French and English. Davidson’s third album Un Autre Voyage demonstrates her heightened compositional skill behind a sequencer as well as her singular ability to anesthetize the senses through the documentation of her own serial pattern of experiential growth.

Announcing BOAN’s debut LP “Mentiras” + Premiere


The long awaited debut from Texas-based electronic duo BOAN has finally arrived, at last bringing their unique incarnation of minimalist synth-pop to an eager and international cult following. BOAN consists of José Cota (SSLEEPERHOLD) and Mariana Saldaña (ex – //TENSE//) who, outside of their lauded individual creative efforts, are widely known as two thirds of the now defunct electro-trio Medio Mutante. MM’s critically acclaimed 2008 EP Inestable was released by Cititrax, an imprint of the illustrious Minimal Wave Records, and was the first modern album allowed into the label’s celebrated cannon of classic reissues. On BOAN’s highly anticipated debut LP Mentiras, Cota & Saldaña continue to deconstruct, sharpen, and enhance their idiosyncratic cold wave tradition by using all hardware electronics to sequence and arrange infectious live dance music. Cota’s vivid analog compositions form a solid foundation for Saldaña’s indelible and predominantly Spanish vocals to sink into, reflecting a unique confluence of Texas’ vibrant electronic music scene with its rich and inextricable history of Hispanic culture.

Pre-order MENTIRAS on LP or CS at our STORE (LP is in an edition of 800 black vinyl, 200 clear). Digital pre-orders can be had at our bandcamp.

Marie Davidson // BOAN Spring Tour 2015 + New track “Insomnie”


Now that the dust has settled from our absolutely packed SXSW 2015, Marie Davidson & label-mates BOAN (which includes José Cota, aka Ssleeperhold) will be shoving off for a full-on tour of the United States’ West coast » check & save the dates and keep your ear to the ground for info on Marie’s upcoming LP Un Autre Voyage as well as some big news on BOAN within days. Also, hear the recently unveiled Insomnie, a beautifully serene cut off Marie’s forthcoming LP which just premiered c/o of i-D mag. Hear it here:


04.01.15 – Dallas, TX – at Crown and Harp w/ Lily Taylor, and Black Taffy
04.03.15 – Tempe, AZ – at Sonoran w/ Body of Light, Lady Cop and DJ JSA
04.04.15 – Los Angeles, CA – at Jewels Catch One, Threshold Presents SSLEEPERHOLD and Glochids w/ Marie Davidson DJ **
04.05.15 – Los Angeles, CA – Maldoror at Complex
04.07.15 – Eureka, CA – at Siren’s Song w/ DL Mathias
04.08.15 – Eugene, OR – at Boreal w/ Regosphere
04.09.15 – Vancouver, BC – at Fox Cabaret w/ Cosmetics
04.10.15 – Portland, OR – at Lovecraft w/ Vice Device
04.11.15 – Spokane, WA – at Mootsy’s w/ Mirror Mirror
04.12.15 – Seattle, WA – False Prophet at Kremwerk
04.14.15 – Sacramento, CA – LeTwist Tuesdays at LoBrau
04.15.15 – San Francisco, CA – Body Shock at The Elbo Room
04.19.15 – Tucson, AZ – at R Bar w/ SSLEEPERHOLD **
04.23.15 – Austin, TX – End of an Ear In-Store
04.24.15 – Austin, TX – Un Autre Voyage LP Release Show at Red 7 w/ SSLEEPERHOLD and Burnt Skull **

** No BOAN on this date


Tour poster by Christopher Royal King


Marie Davidson’s “Excés de vitesse” Premiere // U.S. Tour Dates

Marie Davidson

The second track off of Marie Davidson’s upcoming LP Un Autre Voyage has dropped, premiering via the one and only AdHoc! Excés de vitesse captures Marie’s unique ability to marry propulsive-sequencing and minimalist sensibilities with potent psychological weight. Utilizing “ruin” as her compositional motif on the track, AdHoc claims Marie “takes the instability of love and deconstructs it, amplifying the sadism to strong-arm a response from the listener…” and we cannot disagree.

In addition, we are proud to announce Marie Davidson’s full-on “Balade Aux USA” tour (translation: Promenade of the USA) which will transpire between 3/13 and 4/25 – first focusing on the Texas-region & SXSW, and then heading out for a full-on West coast tour with BOAN (which includes ex-Medio Mutante members José Cota (Ssleeperhold) and Mariana Saldaña (ex-//TENSE//)).

Save the date(s) below // Un Auture Voyage can be pre-ordered on LP, CS, and DL at our STORE.


3/13 – Norman, OK @ Dope Chapel w/ Troller, SSLEEPERHOLD
3/14 – Denton, TX – 35 Denton Festival (9:30 @ Service Industry)
3/16 – Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas Unofficial Showcase @ The Center Spot w/ Steve Gunn, Weyes Blood, Silent Land Time Machine, Jock Club
3/20 – Austin, TX @ AdHoc Unofficial SXSW showcase @ Cheer Up Charlie’s w/ Lust For Youth, Lydia Ainsworth, Prince Rama, Downtown Boys, Weyes Blood, GABI-
3/20 – Austin, TX @ HOLODECK Records Official SXSW Showcase @ the Madison w/ SURVIVE, Boan, Silent Land Time Machine, Skullcaster, Flatliner
3/21 – Austin, TX @ Tiny Mix Tapes Official SXSW Flatstock Stage Showcase
3/21 – Austin, TX @ House of Vans @ Mohawk (Inside) Official SXSW Showcase
3/26 – New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Boan, Troller, and Creeper
3/27 – Houston, TX @ CivicTV w/ Boan, Troller,
3/28 – McAllen, TX @ Metropolis SSLEEPERHOLD and Troller (Squeezebox)
3/29 – San Anonio, TX @ Paper Tiger w/ SSLEEPERHOLD and Troller

4/1 – Dallas, TX @ Crown and Harp w/ Lily Taylor and Black Taffy
4/5 – Los Angeles, CA @ Complex (Maldoror)
4/7 – Eureka, CA @ Siren’s Song w/ DL Mathias
4/8 – Eugene, OR @ Boreal w/ Regosphere
4/9 – Vancouver, BC @ Fox Cabaret w/ Cosmetics
4/10 – Portland, OR @ Lovecraft w/ Vice Device
4/11 – Spokane, WA @ Mootsy’s
4/12 – Seattle, WA @ Kremwerk (False Prophet)
4/14 – Sacramento, CA @ LoBrau (LeTwist Tuesdays)
4/15 – San Francisco, CA @ The Elbo Room (Body Shock)
4/17 – San Luis Obispo, CA @ Lee Golde w/ Some Ember
4/19 – Tucson, AZ @ R Bar
4/24 – Austin, TX @ Red 7 “Un Autre Voyage” Record Release Show w/ Burnt Skull and SSLEEPERHOLD


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