SSLEEPERHOLD’s Ruleth LP repress out NOW 2/25/14

HOLODECK is proud to present the 2nd vinyl pressing of SSLEEPERHOLD’s debut Ruleth – vinyl orders are now on their way out of Austin, TX. Grab Ruleth on LP, or CS, at our STORE.

Between widely spread praise from independent media, landing on several year-end lists, and trail-blazing across the West Coast with label-mates Troller last October, the first vinyl pressing of SSLEEPERHOLD’s debut full length Ruleth‘s needed a posthaste repress. The 2nd batch of 300 LP’s is out 2/25/14. Not long afterward SSLEEPERHOLD is set to perform at HOLODECK’s Official SXSW Showcase on Friday 3/14/14 at Red 7 along with label-mates Troller, Marie Davidson (Montréal), Thousand Foot Whale Claw, and Dylan C.

The refined power of Ruleth cannot be denied.” – IMPOSE Magazine, Best Cassettes of 2013

The album riffs on dated synthscapes from places like exploitation horror and Giallo films of the 70’s and 80’s but what makes Ruleth stand out from simply being a nostalgic novelty act is how Jose injects with a modern, outsider’s flair.” – Cactus Mouth, Top Albums of 2013

Tabs Out Top 200 Cassettes of 2013

Like many other Holodeck releases, SSLEEPERHOLD’s Ruleth LP needs roughly three measures of playback to begin conjuring mental images of the approaching era when robots have taken over our society and routinely force us with gleaming chest panels and syringe-like appendages to carry out all the tasks we once gave them before the robopocalypse. José Cota’s solo sessions stretch out as swathes of engorged synth tones clashing with oscillator noise and cassette collage, all laid out atop a drum machine stomp, with just enough reverb on the bass drum to find that early industrial sweet spot on your cortex grid and prod it incessantly.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

Whatever haunted charm Ruleth possesses has grabbed hold of me and refuses to let go.” – Decoder

Incorporating a wide range of stylistic nods to his instrument’s recent past, Cota’s solo debut both embraces these potentially cheesy tropes and completely demolishes them, in the process infusing his music with a completely unique personality.” – Exclaim!

His music takes the heaviest of notions and finds something hopeful in the sonic assault.” – DUMMY Mag

Rather than locking himself into the initially unbending minimal wave sound and structure, his use of improvised and raw elements goes a long way.” – Brainwashed


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