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VIDEO – Marie Davidson – Esthétique privée

HOLODECK is proud to announce that our next release will be Marie Davidson’s s/t EP (HD017, CS26, ed. of 200 – released June 18, 2013). Marie is from, and based in Montréal, Quebec, and has crafted an incredible 6 song EP of sombre electronic explorations and minimalist, existential French-pop that has had us pinned to the floor since we first heard about her (for the especially detail-oriented, you may remember one of her tracks from Silent Land Time Machine’s OCT 2012 tour mix tape).

We will have the full album streaming on our bandcamp soon – for now, check out the killer video that Marie made for her song Esthétique privée off her upcoming EP.

HOLODECK is One Year Old


On April 30, 2012, HOLODECK “officially” launched with the release of our first four tapes, HD001-HD004. As of April 30th, 2013, we’ve released 15 cassettes (8 of which are sold out) and one vinyl LP. It’s been an *insanely* fun year, and we’re working hard to make 2013, and beyond, even better.

Thanks so much for all the continued support, genuinely kind words, and open-ears to what we’re doing down here in ATX!

jon/adam/austin/matt/justin + extended HOLODECK family


Here’s PURE X at our annual SLOWPUMP show – some of the only video, or audio, caught from SLOWPUMP 2013! Our good friend Jay G. (Poorly Planned) grabbed about 12 minutes of their set, spliced it up, and came out with this sweet edit.

PURE X is on tour soon, starting 4/27, East Coast – check the dates & catch’em in the flesh. Their 2nd LP, Crawling Up the Stairs, drops on May 14th, featuring artwork by Daniel Hipólito (Smokey Emery).

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