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In case you didn’t get the HOLODECK memo, we have released 5 new tapes as of September 4, 2012. Streaming audio and small write-ups are all available on our STORE page.

All the releases are on high-quality chrome-cassettes, are pro-dubbed and laser-imprinted, and have extensive album art on thick cardstock j-cards.

The releases are:

• HD005 – THOUSAND FOOT WHALE CLAWTime Brothers – CS60

• HD006 – AMASA•GANAUntitled – CS30

• HD007 – M. GEDDES GENGRASBeyond the Curtain – CS40

• HD008 – SILENT LAND TIME MACHINEI am no longer alone with myself…EP – CS27

• HD009 – S U R V I V EHD009 – CS45

S U R V I V E – LLR002 10″ now in stock!

HOLODECK now has some of the last copies of S U R V I V E’s debut 10″ (courtesy of LIGHT LODGE Records) – check’em out at the HOLODECK store if you’d like to grab one…


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