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IN-STOCK – Vinyl Edt. of Silent Land Time Machine EP

NOW in the HOLODECK STORE – 180g clear vinyl edition of Silent Land Time Machine’s I am no longer alone with myself…EP. Solo-effort of HOLODECK co-founder, and member of Lumens and AMASA•GANA – distributed c/o Indian Queen Records, jon’s bedroom label – edt. of 500 with expanded art, full-bleed dust sleeves, and full color reverse matte jackets.

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Lumens / Smokey Emery / Silent Land TOUR

IMAGES and AUDIO from TOUR – Lumens + Smokey Emery + Silent Land Time Machine /
LA+SF JUNE 8-10. Thanks to Grant, Brian, Russel, Brandon, Olga, and those three dudes that jumped our car for your help and hospitality. Photos by Daniel and Jon.

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