Missions - “Confused”

Los Angeles-based electro-pop savant Missions makes his full-length debut with the momentous new Subcreature. Through the use of drum machines, synthesizers and electronic vocals, solo producer Josh Mills adds a rich emotional gradient and a fresh rhythmic step to the archetypal darkwave narrative as Missions. This impressive collection of addictive bass lines and smooth drum beats are produced and arranged with the proficiency of a polished studio engineer, while the core of Mills’ craftsmanship explores the shaded nuances of seduction and vulnerability. Subcreature is perfectly suited for both late-night dance floors and private listenings, with creative subtleties that peek through the hook-laden anthems and hopelessly romantic lyrics. The heartfelt songwriting and sculpted sound design on Subcreature reflect a unique interpretation of funk, new wave and early electronic music, making up the sophisticated language of Missions.   

Vocoder drenched vocals drive the latest single “Confused” from upbeat intro to the satisfying emotional finale. The unforgettable melodies usher the song through a deceptively fast three minutes that will keep listeners mashing that repeat button. Missions once again showcases a unique blend of innovation and classic style.



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