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Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol. I: Youth Burnt While Traveling (HD001)

by Smokey Emery


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Re-release of the ultra limited CD-R on Kiamisha Drive (KIA011, 2003), the imprint of one Daniel Hipólito, also known as Smokey Emery. Only a handful were released initially, including one exclusive repress for Aquarius Records in San Francisco, who was awfully fond of the album. Now, Holodeck is proud to release the first installment of Smokey Emery’s Soundtracks for Invisibility series on the format that’s most proper: tape. 

Soundtracks for Invisibility Vol I: Youth Burnt While Traveling (HD001) is an arresting listen: symphonic drones and tape-loops are captured and constructed, and subsequently manipulated, on a series of reel-to-reel recorders, passed through effects & multiple generations of pitch-shifts, then allowed to loop over each other and explore the natural decay and idiosyncrasies of their respective formats. The machines feel as if they are given their own voices, like overhearing the hushed conversations between the components of a drenched city in the dead of night. Hipólito acts as a medium between these voices, invisibly orchestrating an experimental narrative that facilitates the pulses of mechanical drones with plucks of timeless music boxes and other field recordings into a coherent and emotive whole. 

The end result is incredibly intimate, and undeniably personal; even if Smokey Emery remains decidedly unseen, his fingerprints are on every single facet of this album, and we are all better for it.