GRÜN WASSER - “Translator”

Arising at the forefront of contemporary underground pop, Chicago-based duo GRÜN WASSER shapes the course of minimal electronic music and blurs the boundaries of art, songwriting and performance on their latest full-length Not Ok with Things out October 4, 2019. Vocalist Keely Dowd and producer Essej Pollock artfully bend and reconfigure popular trends in dance music into unconventionally catchy songs and a powerful live show. Their unique mix of hardware, software and sampling coalesce into irresistible rhythms and driving sequences that fuse perfectly with Dowd’s distinctive alto voice, forming music that is as instantly appealing as it is fascinating. With lyrics inspired by personal struggles and social inequality, GRÜN WASSER raises the bar on innovation in modern pop as they arrive on the national stage with Not Ok with Things.

Hypnotic beats and synth lines build slowly on the album opener “Translator” and allows the erie yet alluring mood to fully sink in. Dowd’s vocal charater is on full display as she articulates long trailing pitch bends, sound effects, and half whispers. Phrases are repeated in clusters or drawn out into revolving cycles to accentuate the relentless kick drum and experimental percussion. “Translator” perfectly sets the tone and anticipation for the rest of the album to unfold.