Decoder Premieres Full-Stream New Album from Michael C. Sharp

New Album From Michael C. Sharp Out This Friday


Michael C. Sharp is one of our most talented and prolific veterans, showcasing his skills on multiple instruments in the psych ensemble Sungod. Now Sharp makes his solo Holodeck debut with the new cassette Never Enough Time out this Friday 10/20/17.

Sharp uses a process of loop based composition, playing to and around himself with delay times pacing every note. Sequenced vintage synthesizers harmonize alongside swirling guitars riffs, giving his music a structural anchor while allowing plenty of room for his technical musicianship to shine. Never Enough Time is great for fans of Manuel GöttschingKlaus Schulze or Eno & Fripp.

Click HERE to listen to Never Enough Time for the first time in its entirety via Decoder.

Click HERE to pre-order your copy of Michael C. Sharp’s Never Enough Timeon cassette from Holodeck Records, out this Friday October 20, 2017.