Impose included "Ruleth" as part of their collection of the Best Cassettes of 2013. Nestled among a plethora of other amazing releases and artists, it's a pleasure to see Ssleeperhold ranked among the best in the industry. Head over to Impose to check out the rest of the list, and pick up your own copy of "Ruleth" on cassette, LP, or digital through the Holodeck store or bandcamp. 

"José Cota’s Ssleeperhold has long been rumbling away in the background of the LA and Texas synth scene. After years of tracking his live performances and label hunting, his long overdue solo is finally here. While the pop sensibility of his work with Medio Mutante or, more recently, BOAN is still in play, Ssleeperhold is undeniably a slow drive through a rougher neighborhood. It’s all about the swung out bass rhythms and mechanical precision of the percussion grinding away the layers of fuzz to reveal the massive vein of body music beneath. The refined power of Ruleth cannot be denied."