As of February 2014 HOLODECK has procured the last remaining copies of Brainclub Vol. I & II, the Austin-based vinyl compilation series curated by Pure X’s Jesse Jenkins and S U R V I V E’s Kyle Dixon (available individually or bundled at the STORE). Brainclub is comprised of rare recordings, b-sides, and singular collaborations between members of Austin’s underground electronic & experimental circles, all gathered together and sequenced onto two custom-packaged 12” 45rpm vinyl pressings. HOLODECK listeners will see many usual suspects (Silent Land Time Machine, Smokey Emery, Thousand Foot Whale Claw all make appearances) as well unfamiliar names and unique collaborative works across the two 12”s: tracks from VC Childkraft (now known as JU4N), a rare live recording of electronic-improv duo Bodytronix, solo work from AMASA•GANA’s Guy Taylor (Dia Bas), Bill Converse, a collaboration between Kyle Dixon and SLEEP∞OVER’s Stefanie Franciotti (Heathen Earth), an alternate version of Thousand Foot Whale Claw‘s Lost in Those Dunes, and a cut from Malcolm Elijah of Silent Diane, amongst other rarities…

Brainclub as a series represents an extremely unique and comprehensive crystallization of the current experimental / electronic scene that has been fervently building in Texas’ Capital. These hand-selected compilations capture an unusually accurate fractal image of the prolific, though often reclusive, close-knit culture of experimentation in Austin; each volume contains choice tracks from the city’s underground community that play out with spontaneous, potently raw energy and surprising coherency. Until now, Brainclub has only been available on merch tables and exclusively offline.

Vol. I is pressed on pink or clear vinyl, printed folder covers, hand-numbered to 300. Vol. II complete with fiat-currency-insert and waxy black 12″ jackets, hand-numbered to 150 – each vinyl lovingly slipped into its custom 12″x12″ reusable ziplock LP bag.


VOL. II • Side A
A1 – Bill Converse – Baboonatic
A2 – Dia Bas – Gables (club version)
A3 – Krallen – Hoar

VOL. II • Side B
B1 – Pizza Hut – Rockets
B2 – Malcolm Elijah – Emerald Dioshpere Milxca
B3 – Silent Land Time Machine – That Stillness is Dancing
B4 – Ex-Person- Kwenda

/ / /

VOL. I • Side A
A1 – Artist – Speaking
A2 – Smokey Emery – Be Calm and Still
A3 – VC Childkraft – Magnetik Rose
A4 – Thousand Foot Whale Claw – Lost in those Dunes
A5 – Heathen Earth – untitled

VOL. I • Side B
B1 – Bodytronix – live exerpt
B2 – Jake Schrock – Reverie
B3 – Phantastes – Flight of Stares


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