Austin-based darkwave metal trio Troller is proud to announce their second LP, Graphic (out 4.8.16 on HOLODECK). Today, the music video for “Not Here,” the first single off of the new LP, premiered on FACT Magazine. The video came out of the mutual respect between Troller and renowned drag performer Louisianna Purchase, who have collectively been waiting for the right project to collaborate on for some time. Local dominatrix Domme Discordia (along with her side kick O), were employed to personify Louisianna’s struggle as she delivers an emotional and vulnerable performance to a masked audience, which just so happens to be Troller making a cameo in disguise.

The video was directed and edited by the incredibly talented videographer Melissa Cha, who has been making her name as an up and coming filmmaker in Austin for the past several years. Look for more music videos to come from Troller throughout the spring and summer. Watch the video for "Not Here" and read what FACT Magazine has to say about it here!


Holodeck is excited to announce its official 2016 SXSW showcase, which will take place at Lucky Lounge in Austin on Friday, March 18th. The lineup features heavy-hitting Holodeck artists, including Troller, SSLEEPERHOLD, Dylan Cameron, Samantha Glass, and Bill Converse, as well as New Orleans synth duo ((PRESSURES)). The night will be headlined by Inhalt, a Bay Area-based darkwave band. For more information, visit our event page.



Inhalt is the European duo Philip Winiger and Matia Simovich formed in San Francisco in 2009. Their first three releases – a split 12” for London’s seminal World Unknown Records and the “Vehicle” and “Occupations” EPs for San Francisco’s cult powerhouse Dark Entries Records – firmly established Inhalt’s sound. Informed in equal parts by well-defined pop sensibilities and European minimalism, the band has found a unique space that resides at the intersection of dark disco and obscure Italo. We’re looking forward to having them headlining our showcase this year!


Austin-based darkwave metal trio Troller is taking the stage to help gear up for their second LP, "Graphic"(out 04/08/16 on Holodeck). After touring extensively and selling out of multiple pressings of LPs, CDs, and cassettes of their debut LP in 2013, Troller is proud present the long awaited follow up.


((PRESSURES)) is a synth outfit hailing from New Orleans. The duo founded the prolific minimal wave label Disko Obscura, which specializes in new and classic collectible synth-based records from the underground. In addition to the label, the duo runs a small recording studio dedicated to the production of limited high quality vinyl releases and contemporary electronic artists. Another visiting band we’re very excited to add to our lineup.

Inhalt, San Francisco

Inhalt, San Francisco


SSLEEPERHOLD is the solo project from Jose Cota of BOAN and defunct Minimal Wave trio Medio Mutante. Cota is a SXSW veteran boasting a national following of dedicated fans that relate to his fresh and heavy approach to synth-based composition. Since the release of his LP Ruleth with Holodeck in 2013, SSLEEPERHOLD’s appeal continues to surge and alludes to a promising horizon for Mr. Cota.


Dylan Cameron, Holodeck’s in-house producer and recording engineer, will be playing a live hard-ware based electronic set in anticipation of his upcoming debut full-length LP (announcement coming soon from HOLODECK). Cameron, a former hip-hop producer and club DJ, debuted on HOLODECK with his mixtapeSamasara in 2012, and has been blowing away house and techno fans in Austin’s burgeoning late night underground dance culture.


Bill Converse is one of the main driving forces within the local dance music community, and will be playing a rare live set for our SXSW showcase. Converse recently released his debut album Meditations / Industry on Dark Entries, and is preparing a double LP to follow later this year. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Converse has built a cult following as a major player within the Texas scene.


Samantha Glass is a fresh Holodeck face who also has a big release announcement coming very soon for the spring. Glass, AKA Beau Devereaux, is traveling from Madison, WI and is bringing his captivating take on ambient electronic music to SXSW once again. Glass’s work, which has previously been released on LA label Not Not Fun, is reminiscent of both goth post-punk and musique concrete. Look out for a breakout performance from this seasoned solo artist that most HOLODECK fans will be seeing him for the first time.


See y'all there!